Ellen DeGeneres Picks Her Top 10 Ellen Moments

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When it comes to daytime TV, there’s only one talk-show host who can really get her guests to let their guards down: Ellen DeGeneres. With her easy-going, laid-back attitude, she has no problem getting Britney Spears to learn ‘Gangnam Style’ in front of a live audience, asking Taylor Swift to face her fears in a haunted hallway, or convincing a 4-year-old Bruno Mars fan to sing his heart out to ‘Grenade.’ As DeGeneres gets ready to kick off a new season of The Ellen Show and prepares to host the Oscars in February, the Hulu team asked her to share 10 of her favorite moments from the last season of The Ellen Show. Get ready for celebrity doppelgänger face-offs and silly pranks at the local CostCo.