The 10 Best Amy Adams Movie Performances

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Amy Adams’ curious trajectory in Hollywood is proof that you never really know which work will provide you with the breakthrough you seek. Adams was actually born in Italy to American parents – raised by a Mormon family in Castle Rock, Colorado, this beautiful redhead sang in a choir and found her passion at a local dance company as an aspiring ballerina.

Her small parts in local productions of musicals got the attention of a theatre director, and when she pulled a muscle in an accident, preventing her from pursuing a career in dancing, she auditioned for her first on-screen part: 1999’s Drop Dead Gorgeous. Three years later, when she landed a role in Spielberg’s Catch Me If You Can, she thought she had it made, but it would be another role that really put her on the map – the young, loud-mouthed pregnant girl in indie darling Junebug (2005).

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