The 18 Most Extreme Celebrity Haircuts For Movie Roles

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Actors and actresses can be known for going to extreme lengths for their movie roles. Some get all method and refuse to break character even when they're not filming. Then there are some who do extreme diets and workouts to transform their bodies to play a certain character. One other way celebs get into character is with hair makeovers.

Thanks to the amazing products on the market, celebrities can transform into other people with the help of wigs, hair pieces, and bald caps. However, some are so committed to their craft that they decide to change their own hair for roles. In a lot of cases, that involves a razor and a lot of hair being shaved. Although a dramatic haircut doesn't always guarantee the movie will be a success, it does help make the role a memorable one. Have a look at 18 actors and actresses who went to follicle extremes for their roles.