The 'Good Witch' Catherine Bell says TV series will keep viewers guessing

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Catherine Bell’s Hallmark Channel movies are Halloween-season traditions, but there will be even more of “The Good Witch” soon.

With “Army Wives” over, the actress — also a “JAG” alum — has the time to make a weekly Hallmark series based on the films. That will premiere early next year, but first comes the seventh movie in the franchise: “The Good Witch’s Wonder,” debuting Saturday, Oct. 25.

The stories have been careful not to confirm small-town shop owner Cassie Nightingale (Bell) actually is a witch, and that continues as she oversees a silent auction. Disappearances of several items coincide with the arrival of Cassie’s new employee (Rachel Wilson), prompting suspicions that the newcomer is a thief.

“A good number of people have said over the years, ‘Why don’t you turn it into a series?,’ ” the friendly Bell tells Zap2it. “We always felt like we were, except we were only doing one ‘episode’ every year. It’s nice because I know the character and I love the character, and people seem to like the stories. Hopefully, that will translate to the series as well.”