The Top 10 Movie Performances of Jodie Foster

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From sci-fi favorite Contact through to Clarice Starling, we chart the finest film work of the wonderful Jodie Foster...

Jodie Foster: Twice Academy Award-winning actor. Long-term superstar. Queer icon. Husky of voice, tom of boy and tough as nails – but able to bring an immense vulnerability with it. She’s played wisecracking kids, waspish moms and a whole catalogue of women pushed to their limits. But there’s a through-line a mile wide: these are all, to a number, strong and independent women. Except, that is, when they’re strong, independent girls.

So why, when faced with a survey of her career, is it so frequently frustrating? Flashes of brilliance tempered by the odd lapse in judgement, curious mis-steps, and flawed, almost-great-actually-a-bit-shit movies that haunt her CV. Somehow it doesn't quite match up with her extraordinary reputation: award-winner, superstar, icon.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. You see, Jodie Foster’s unpredictable career is the result of an actor steering a course that’s thoroughly, resolutely her own. Foster is one of the few actors in Hollywood utterly in charge of their own destiny. All the more impressive when you consider just how hostile an environment Hollywood is to stars like her. Now they give her Lifetime Achievement awards, and she gives us prickly coming out speeches, and everyone is happy and no one is happy.

Jodie Foster, like her career, is difficult to second guess, but that’s what makes her great. And I know what you’re thinking, that whole The Beaver thing. Surely Foster, of all people, has earned the right to do whatever the hell she wants by now. And you know what? Good luck to her. She’s Jodie Foster. SO LONG SUCKERS!